Redefining Breast Cancer and Treatment: A Deep Dive into the Business of Atossa Therapeutics

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I was privileged to sit down with John Heerdink, Founder & Managing Director of Tribe Public, for a deep dive into the business of Atossa Therapeutics and its ‘pipeline in a product’ strategy in breast cancer.

I had an in-depth discussion with John about Atossa Therapeutics – how it came to be, the background and scientific foundations, our patents & clinical trial successes, the latest developments, our notable financial and capitalization positioning, and the possibility that upwards of 200,000 breast cancer cases per year could be prevented through our ‘pipeline in a product’ strategy.

This is a conversation worth listening to for the latest in Atossa Therapeutics’ innovative therapies to address unmet needs in breast cancer.

About Tribe Public:

Tribe Public’s complimentary worldwide webinars are efficient 30-minute events that seek to provide direct corporate access to leaders of companies in industries that you care about. The events consist of a quick introduction to management a 15-minute presentation, and a brief Q&A session where you may ask the questions you care about too. Tribe events are hosted by Advisor, Investor, Entrepreneur John F. Heerdink, Jr., the Managing Partner of Tribe Public LLC.

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