Dr. Quay has 87 US Patents issued for his inventions in these twenty-two different fields of medicine:

  • Iron-based MRI imaging agents
  • Alzheimer’s Disease imaging agents
  • Non-ionic MRI imaging agents
  • Vitamin B6-mimetic MRI contrast agents for liver-specific imaging
  • Improvements in MRI safety
  • Vitamin B6 nuclear medicine imaging agent
  • The foundational invention in the field of ultrasound contrast agents, fluorocarbon gases
  • Diagnosing infertility by MRI
  • Medical device for non-invasive breast cytology test
  • Cancer emulsion formulations for improved efficacy
  • Nasal spray to prevent breast cancer
  • Peptide nasal spray for treating obesity
  • Nascobal, a vitamin B12 nasal spray
  • Parathyroid hormone nasal spray for treating osteoporosis
  • Carbetocin nasal spray for treating autism
  • Peptide drug discovery platform: The Trp Cage Phage Display
  • Second generation Omega-3 formulations
  • An RNAi drug and drug delivery platform
  • Ophthalmic drops for the treatment of keratoconus
  • Quorum-sensing vaccines for treating intractable infections

You can download a guide to Dr. Quay’s 87 patents in these 22 fields of medicine here.