Dr. Quay featured on Align Podcast with Aaron Alexander

The Science Behind the Past, Present, and Future of COVID.

Where did COVID come from? What can you do right now to make sure you can fight the virus, if you are ever infected? Should you get vaccinated?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, Dr. Steven Quay and Aaron Alexander discuss how the Coronavirus has been able to develop so quickly in the human body, the mechanisms of it, and how our immune system works to fight it. They talk about how exactly vaccines act to help our body fight viruses and how the antibody-dependent enhancement’s (ADE) unpredictability can affect people of different ages.

What is discussed:

03:58: How can we train our body to help combat COVID and other respiratory diseases?

06:09: Aaron’s symptoms when he was infected with COVID

08:04: What does Dr. Quay recommend you do to fight Covid?

09:20: Supportive breathing practices you can start today

10:27: Where does the virus originate from?

15:19: What kind of repercussions has Dr. Quay faced for his scientific opinions? 

17:59: What will the world be like post-vaccination?

19:06: Should young and healthy people take the vaccine?

20:35: The race between covid-2 vs the immune system

21:42: Are masks effective?

27:39: What does the future of the coronavirus look like?

30:41: The antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)

32:28: What is the virus’ infection mechanism?

34:39: Describing the 3 phases of the virus

36:09: The burden of COVID in our world and political implications

40:56: Physiologic response to the vaccine Vs developed immune response

47:03: Why did Dr. Quay write his book?

48:50: What can we do to protect ourselves if we suspect we were exposed to the virus?

49:55: Why does it turn into pneumonia?

52:31: The issue with western medicine not looking at the importance of nutrition

57:52: How the metro transport system could have been the conduit to spreading COVID in major cities

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