Dr. Quay is consistently featured in the news and press. Here are some of the latest stories:

Digital Industry Wire: Skilled Scientists Testify on Virus Origin

Jul 17, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay is featured in Digital Industry Wire article.

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PerthNow: Australia will continue to ask questions about Wuhan lab leak: PM

Jul 16, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay is featured in PerthNow Australia article.

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Physician-Scientist Steven Quay and an International Team of Scientists and Investigators Provide Science-Based Analysis of the Origin of COVID-19 to the US Congress

Jul 15, 2021

SEATTLE, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — An international team of scientists and data analysts, led by Physician-Scientist Steven Quay, MD,...

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Own Snap: Atossa Therapeutics (ATOS) Stock Soars By 28% Amid Developing New Therapy To Battle Covid-19 Variants

Jul 14, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay and Atossa Therapeutics featured in Own Snap article.

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CNS News: Scalise: If COVID Started in Wuhan Lab, Could be the ‘Crime of the Century’

Jul 09, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay is featured in CNS News article.

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Stock Market Pioneer: Atossa’s COVID-19 Treatment Has Potential, Says Analyst

Jul 09, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay and Atossa Therapeutics are featured in Stock Market Pioneer article.

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The Science Times: Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Allegedly True; Scientists Claim Genetic Sequence Shows COVID-19 Originated from Lab

Jul 08, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay is featured in The Science Times article.

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SciTechDaily: Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory: “Rare” Genetic Sequence Doesn’t Mean the COVID Virus Was Engineered

Jul 07, 2021

Dr. Steven Quay is featured in SciTechDaily article.

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