The COVID-19 HOPE Clinical Trial

By agreeing to receive, via email, the COVID-19 HOPE Clinical Trial protocol in PDF format (the “Protocol”), I agree that:

1. I am a duly licensed physician in all areas where I will utilize the Protocol. I will use the Protocol in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations and protect patient safety and rights.

2. Dr. Quay and his assignees and designees have the right to reference all study information and data I may generate with use of the Protocol, including any modifications to the Protocol, including for all regulatory purposes.

3. Dr. Quay and his assignees and designees are not responsible or liable for my use of the Protocol or modifications thereof.

4. The Protocol will be used solely for clinical research purposes and not for any commercial use. All publications of the Protocol and results of studies under the Protocol will contain appropriate attribution to Dr. Quay.